Sweet Oblivion has moved to Wednesdays at 11pm

Hey folks! Just a little update – 2XM has undergone some (really positive) changes, which has led to the station schedule being shuffled about a bit.

As a result, Sweet Oblivion is no longer on Thursdays at 5pm. Instead, it is on Wednesdays at 11pm. At first I was a little worried about it being so late, but I’ve starting feeling like it’s actually quite a positive thing. My show isn’t really ‘daytime radio’ in style, and I have moved on a lot musically since my early days (the show began in 2002 or so on Cork Campus Radio).

Having a late show means I can play darker, weirder and more downbeat tracks than usual, and I’ve started thinking of the show as having two parts… sort of like a Side A and Side B, with the first more upbeat than the second. I want to give night owls something soothing to listen to as it approaches the witching hour, which is a nice goal to have.

Also, the show is now on after John Kelly’s show, which I am chuffed about as he is an incredible and inspiring broadcaster and writer. Hopefully some of the magic of his show will rub off  on mine, ha!

Lastly, Sweet Oblivion was on Wednesdays on Campus Radio and Flirt FM, so that’s the day I always associate with the show.

As for the changes at 2XM – now the great Dan Hegarty broadcasts a live show from Mondays to Thursdays on 2XM at 11am, which is then re-broadcast on 2FM at 11pm. How cool is that? It provides a tangible link between the two stations and also means there is more Dan on the radio, and he’s a great champion of Irish music. He seems delighted about the change and I really hope it goes well for him. Here’s to a bright year for 2XM!

Thanks as always to everyone who listens in – you’re who I make the show for. Don’t forget that the show is available for a few weeks after broadcast on the RTE Player. I always Tweet and Facebook this link so follow me on either of those sites to go straight to the player, or go to the website and search for it there.

Click here to listen to last week’s show.

Artist – Track – Album

Parks – Topaz – Umber

Grimes – Circumambient – visions

Solar Bears – Alpha People

Mansions On The Moon – Light Years

Sharon Van Etten – Ask – Tramp

Brigid Power Ryce – The Waves Were Wild (live)

Yawning Chasm – Moon Silver Ocean

Mirroring – Fell Sound

Julia Holter & Linda Perhacs – Delicious Descent

Moondog – Moondog’s Theme

Katie Kim – Dimmer – cover and flood

Windy and Carl – Sirens – Depths

Arvo part – Spiegel im Spiegel

Finally… it was the two year anniversary of Alex Chilton’s passing on St Patrick’s Day. This one is for all you Big Star fans out there…

There’s people around who tell you that they know 
And places where they send you, and it’s easy to go 
They’ll zip you up and dress you down and stand you in a row 
But you know you don’t have to, you can just say “no”


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