New music: Shane Linehan

Cork has a great history of producing influential electronic music – it’s home to the long-running Fish Go Deep clubnight, for example, which was based in the legendary Sir Henry’s club and now resides in The Pavilion. Throughout the decades there has been a steady amount of people making house and techno in particular but the last few years have seen a rise in the number of new club nights and producers appearing on the scene. It’s not always easy to run a clubnight, and not all of them last very long, but there is always something happening and someone, somewhere, lugging their 1210s to a pub or setting up in a club.

If house is your thing, then you’d be wise to check out these songs from Cork-based producer, Shane Linehan. Shane’s well known for DJing and having an encyclopedic knowledge of house music – and that knowledge and love comes across in his debut tracks as a producer. He has been quietly working away on these gems for quite some time, and though he’s a modest guy he’s getting the word out about what he has been up to.

He’s part of a tight-knit group of friends who’ve put on numerous gigs and events over the past few years in venues like the Realt Dearg, Liquid Lounge and The Pavilion, and who are part of the new breed of Irish producers.

Shane has a busy year ahead of him – forthcoming releases include the digital EP No Control / What About It coming out next week on US label Soul Shift Music, and the tracks Hidden Harmony and Make it a Ritual (below), which are coming out on his own label Basic Grooves in September on vinyl.

Then there’s a track on the digital Fusion 1 EP, which is released on the Cork label NG415 on the 18 July and also features a track by that independent label’s founder Glenn Keohane.

Speaking with Stevie G on Red FM earlier tonight, Shane said that he is heavily influenced by the early New York house scene, and encouraged people to get making their own tracks and setting up their own labels.

Check out more of Shane Linehan’s tracks here.

Here’s a mix Shane did earlier this month:

There are also some tracks on his Youtube channel, such as the one below:


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