Adventures of a Music Nerd (Not Snob)

Those of us who happily use the words ‘musical nerd’ to describe ourselves – and aren’t ashamed of the connotations – share a secret language. It’s the language of those who speak of inlays and mixtapes, cds versus vinyl, first tapes, first gigs, re-edits and mixes, collaborations and concept albums, line-ups and side projects; it’s a language of musical memories, a life soundtracked by sounds and songs that may mean nothing to anyone else but sure mean something to you.

Ronan Leonard is a music nerd who’s also a musician, comedian and performer, and his new one-man show is going to appeal to anyone who’s of a nerdish bent. It’s called ‘Adventures of a Music Nerd (Not Snob)’ and it will have its debut at the Bernard Shaw pub in Dublin as part of the Dublin Fringe.

According to Ronan himself:

Our Bearded Hero hit 30, it didn’t hit him. Looking back, it’s apparent that his most important, intimate relationship has been with music. Unintentionally soundtracking his life, he has preserved each memory and event, big, small, arbitrary and momentous, with an associated song; from Arab Strap to the Beatles. Basing the show on 30 shuffled songs,… no one performance will be the same as Ronan guides you on this scavenger hunt of musical memories. Join this self described music nerd (not snob!) as he shares the highs and lows of the last 30 years over a round of Ringo: Music Bingo.

Sounds like the sort of story many of us will empathise with! This comedy-led memoir-style performance will take place twice a day, at 7.15pm and 8.45pm on Wednesday 15, Thursday 16  Friday 17 September.

To find out more, visit the Facebook group or buy tickets at the Dublin Fringe site. Tickets are €12 or €10 concession and the show is 45 minutes long.


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