Road Records DJ set

The lovely folk at Road Records in Dublin have given myself and my friend Kim the chance to DJ together at their new vinyl-only night in Hogan’s pub.
Our set will take place this Sunday, 6th September, from 9pm – 12.30am.

We’ll be playing lots of feel-good funky tunes spanning the genres of disco, funk, soul, house and a few special treats as well. I’m toying with the idea of bringing some rice krispie cakes (it may sound mad, but we brought some the first time we DJ’d together in Plugd Records in Cork and they were a hit! 😉 )

If you’re back from the Electric Picnic early, or like me can’t afford a ticket (didn’t win the lotto again this week, sigh…) then do pop along for a drink and maybe even a boogie!


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