Pics: Oslo in winter

Brought my trusty Canon AE-1 to Oslo in January for a surprise tripped planned by my bestie and my sister. Ace.

Pics: Light, camera, light

Leaving the chateau French wedding Vicky in Galway light Galway Aoife & Niall’s wedding All pics taken on a Canon AE-1

Five reasons why I loved the film Spy

In a world where an ageing crow like James Bond can still catch a young worm (worm-an?), a comedic flick like Spy is a real treat for the noggin. This Paul Feig (the lad responsible for Bridesmaids, Freaks and Geeks, and the forthcoming Ghostbusters movie) film is ostensibly about a mousey woman (Susan Cooper, played…

What if a woman wrote True Detective?

Spoilers abound, so be wise. Murder, the occult, the creepy Louisiana bayou, satanic abuse, time being unveiled as a flat circle, an exploration of American masculinity, revenge sex, mythology, Matthew McConnaughey resurrecting his acting career while wearing a rangeĀ of fetching blazers – True Detective season 1 had it all. Except a believable and not sexualised…