Interview: Café Irlandaise

Café Irlandaise is a great compilation of female Irish musicians/vocalists that was put together by Valerie Hely and released early this year. It’s not so common in the past few years to see an all-female compilation on the shelves – post-Riot Grrrl and in the late 1990s / early 2000s, there was a (welcome) rash of…

Christian Bookshop

Am I allowed to just leave this here with the words ‘bloody amazing’? I think I will. (PS. Christian Bookshop are Jimmy Monaghan of Music for Dead Birds/Yawning Chasm/Seamus O Muineachain and Aisling Walsh. Album out soon.) Via Yawning Chasm

Wires 3

CNV00010, a photo by Aoife B on Flickr. Triple exposure at Body & Soul