Interview: You’re Only Massive

Updated 11pm, Tuesday 11 October 

The first place I saw You’re Only Massive play was in the poky, sweat-stained upstairs venue in Cork’s Fred Zeppelin’s pub. The room – which always feels as though it is about to collapse and fall onto the bar below, killing an entire generation of Cork metal fans – was packed, and on its snug stage were two very young women, each holding a microphone, and to their right sat a tape recorder.

In my mind’s eye, on stage are Maebh and Megan – but as Maebh informed me yesterday, I must have gotten that night mixed up with another gig I had seen them play, as that night in Fredz, Amy Stephenson from Queen Kong was singing with Maebh.

Ah, how memories fail us! Still, I was right about the¬†backing track of self-made beats, and You’re Only Massive rapping lyrical about all the things that consumed their young minds. Not throwaway, ‘does he like me?’ lyrics, but words that cut deeper than that. (One particular chorus went: ‘Fuck ’em! Just fuck em!’)

The duo were feisty, full of confidence, engaging. At the time, I thought that Maebh and Megan were in secondary school but in fact both were in college. Regardless of their age, I wished I was that full of confidence back then. Hell, I’d like to be that confident now.

By 2008, Maebh and Megan had gone their separate ways, with Maebh Cheasty continuing to work as You’re Only Massive. She upped sticks to Berlin and brought You’re Only Massive into a new phase of life.

Maebh is keen to put it across that You’re Only Massive isn’t a solo project – as you can see from the picture below, she works under the name with Dave Murphy, who is also based in Berlin.

I sent Maebh some questions about You’re Only Massive – who have two Irish dates planned for the end of this month – and her answers were as forthright and passionate as I could have hoped.

Maebh Cheasty and Dave Murphy

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