Sí’s FundIt Campaign

FundIt has been doing great things for Irish bands lately – Ten Past Seven recently hit their target and will now be able to head to a great recording studio and make an ace new record, while Nina Hynes received a whopping €10,000 from fans to make her long-awaited fourth album, Goldmine. Due to work commitments I wasn’t able to get up timely blogs about these two bands’ campaigns unfortunately, but I am able to post about a new FundIt campaign for an Irish musician who I’ve mentioned on the blog before, (aka Síle Ní Dhubhghaill).

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Girls Gone Vinyl – new documentary on female DJs

A few years ago, when I was starting to investigate more electronic music, my friend Kim recommended the book Last Night a DJ Saved My Life to me. It’s a comprehensive look at the history of the DJ, taking the reader back to the days when DJing consisted of using one deck and talking between the tracks, and on to the heady nights in New York lofts and packed Detroit dancefloors. It’s fascinating, and inspiring, to read about how these people who were so passionate about music brought the playing of records to the masses – but there’s something missing. … Continue reading Girls Gone Vinyl – new documentary on female DJs

New music: Shane Linehan

Cork has a great history of producing influential electronic music – it’s home to the long-running Fish Go Deep clubnight, for example, which was based in the legendary Sir Henry’s club and now resides in The Pavilion. Throughout the decades there has been a steady amount of people making house and techno in particular but the last few years have seen a rise in the number of new club nights and producers appearing on the scene. It’s not always easy to run a clubnight, and not all of them last very long, but there is always something happening and someone, somewhere, … Continue reading New music: Shane Linehan

Peter Delaney & Cian Nugent

I’ve seen Peter Delaney perform twice now in the past two weeks, and by gosh if I haven’t fallen tongue-lollingly in love with his music. Ukeleles can often be associated with tacky, Hawaiian pop songs or ‘quirky’ tunes, but in the hands of someone like Delaney they become a perfectly miniature way of crafting a heartbreaking melody. At last night’s Hefty Horse gig, where Delaney played support to Uni and her Ukelele, I bought a copy of his 2007 album, Duck Egg Blue, which was released on the Dead Slack String label. Listening to it, the difference between the Peter … Continue reading Peter Delaney & Cian Nugent

Focus on Galway: Tony Higgins & Jimmy Monaghan

For part four of my Focus on Galway series, (following the article in the Ticket about the Galway music scene), I have an extended interview with Tony Higgins, a musician who has put on gigs in the city under the name Stress!! with his friends Jonny White and Garret Collins.

I also have some input from Jimmy Monaghan, who moved to Galway a few years ago and provides his own perspective on the city.

What I thought was really interesting about chatting with Tony Higgins was his honesty about how tough it can be to put on gigs and get full houses or find bands to play.

He’s someone who is truly passionate about the music he makes, and plays under the name Junior 85 as well as with others in projects such as Hogan Grip alongside Declan Q Kelly. Hogan Grip, actually, is an example of how things go up in Galway: two friends jam together, then one finds a 50-year-old copy of book on golfing grips in a local charity shop – and a musical project is born. Declan, a talented photographer, makes the poster, they book a gig and put the album online for free download. Bada bing, bada boom. We did it ourselves.

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