My Lithium & Me – David Bowie covers with a twist

Here are six David Bowie songs like you’ve never heard them before. Cast aside your thoughts of face-painted glam-rock monstrosities, because in the hands of musician Leah Kardos, aka My Lithium & Me, they become a totally different beast. Take Criminal World (itself a cover), for example, which becomes a dark slice of trip hop, or The Man Who Sold the World, which gets a totally unanticipated dub swagger. To my ears, Leah brings the songs forward by a few decades, giving them less of a 70s and 80s feel and instead creating a 90s electronic vibe. It’s pretty impressive … Continue reading My Lithium & Me – David Bowie covers with a twist

C’mon, listen to Low

I’ve probably mentioned a million times that Low are one of my all-time favourite bands. To my ears, they’re perfection. And yet I found their last full-length, Drums & Guns just a little too dark to handle at times. So perhaps it was inevitable that I’d be a tad nervous about their next album, C’mon, which is released on 12 April. It has been three years since the drum machine-heavy Drums & Guns – would their latest work be even darker? But all my fears dissipated when I heard the opening few bars of Try to Sleep, the first track … Continue reading C’mon, listen to Low

New Independent Record Store: Wingnut Records, Galway

If you’re in Galway and in the mood to buy some records, you now have a new independent record store to visit – following the closure of Redlight Records a few years back, and the recent liquidation of the Zhivago Records chain , Wingnut Records is the newest local record store on the block. (There is also HMV, but that’s not an independent store). Wingnut is based in Bell Book & Candle, which is a treasure trove with lots classic books and old VHS tapes – I’d highly recommend a visit there. I used to go to Bell, Book & … Continue reading New Independent Record Store: Wingnut Records, Galway