Have a spooky Halloween with the evil Yeh Deadlies…

It’s Halloween tomorrow – All Hallow’s Eve, the night where all sorts of spooky happenings and evil deeds are done. It’s also a night where folk from around the country get dressed up in costumes and facepaint and meet friends to imbibe substances which may cause them to have an out of body experience….or wake up the next morning not knowing where they are. It’s dangerous out there on 31st October… One Irish group who have captured the dark spirit of Halloween in musical format are Yeh Deadlies, who will launch their ‘The Dead Living EP’ this very evening (Saturday … Continue reading Have a spooky Halloween with the evil Yeh Deadlies…

New Music for Your Ears: I Hate You, Just Kidding

Oh yes, this duo is cute: boy-girl couple Jessi Fulghum and Jeremy Brock, aka I Hate You, Just Kidding, who make cute folk-dashed indie-pop that is just on the right side of twee.  I found them via the lovely Gluttonous Vegan, who knows her shiz. I Hate You, Just Kidding are based in Costa Mesa, California, and listening to the track My Little Dove you can just picture them sitting on a front porch in the streaming sun, strumming and singing.  The slide guitar and harmonica add a touch of country gingham while Jessi’s honey-sweet voice could warm the hardest … Continue reading New Music for Your Ears: I Hate You, Just Kidding

For Your Ears: Elliott Smith Mixtape

Can it really be seven years since Elliott Smith passed away? Every year that his anniversary rolls around, every 21st October, I’m still taken aback  by how long it has been. If he were alive now, he would be in his forties. Would he still be making records? What would he be doing? We can only wonder. I like to think that he’d still be rocking out and as creative as ever. But what we do know is that during his 34 years he made some of the most vital and beautiful records we have had the joy of hearing. … Continue reading For Your Ears: Elliott Smith Mixtape

New Girls EP – plus free MP3

San Francisco’s GIRLS will bring out a brand new EP, ‘Broken Dreams Club’ on 22 November – and they’ve released an MP3 of the track ‘Heartbreaker’ for free download. Simply click here and enter your email address to be sent the download link. The song? Shimmery guitars, fragile vocals, heartbroken lyrics, and the gentle swagger we love so much – a treat. Here’s what frontman Christopher Owens has to say about the EP: We couldn’t have made this record without you. So this is our gift to you, our way of saying thank you for giving us the chance to … Continue reading New Girls EP – plus free MP3

Interview with Strands, aka Steve Shannon

This year has been an absolutely stellar one for Irish music – it’s heartening to listen to releases by Irish bands that aren’t ‘good for an Irish band’, they’re ‘damn well good for any band’ and would stand up to Pitchfork’d acts from Portland or NY or San Fran or wherever the new cool hub for upcoming bands is these days. One of my favourite releases so far has been Strands, by Strands aka Steve Shannon. Steve is a Dublin-based producer and musician who has played with Halfset and recorded albums by Babybeef, Cap Pas Cap and Groom, and Strands … Continue reading Interview with Strands, aka Steve Shannon

Cork Unplugged in the Irish Times

We all love writing about subjects close to our hearts, and clearly one thing I care a huge amount about is the music scene in Cork. I may not live there anymore, but I’m in the city regularly and love hearing about the new nights and events that are on. I feel lucky to be friends with many of the people who keep the local scene vibrant, so when I had the opportunity to write an article for the Irish Times about Cork’s music scene I was in my element. It’s not possible to cram everything that is going on … Continue reading Cork Unplugged in the Irish Times

Dam Funk

Modern funk maestro Dam Funk (real name: Damon Riddick- ‘Dam’ should be pronounced ‘Dame’) is a trooper – one of the most positive forces working in music today, he has an independent spirit that truly shines when he speaks about his love for music. He has an unerringly energetic and forward-thinking approach but at the same time is hugely appreciative and respectful of the men and women whose musical creations paved the way for people like him to do his thing. If you’re not already, you should follow him on Twitter – personally I really love his attitude on there.  … Continue reading Dam Funk