Windings Grows Old Like J

You can’t fight the ageing process – no matter how much you try and deny Old Father Time, he’s going to visit you eventually. Even a hefty dose of botulinum toxin won’t stop him. One man who recently found himself preoccupied with growing older is Windings, aka Steve Ryan (and band), and he came to a somewhat unusual conclusion – he wants to grow old like J. Who’s J, I hear you ask? Why, J Mascis, of Dinosaur Jr fame. (Hopefully he’ll have better taste in hats.) Windings’ new album ‘It’s Never Night’ (produced by Tommy McLaughlin, who has also … Continue reading Windings Grows Old Like J


In my ears: City of Satellites – BMX – (on Hidden Shoal) ~~~~ Also on Hidden Shoal – Liam Singer Sad pop song with beautiful vocals, called Winter Weeds (mp3) ~~~~ New Deerhunter album ~~~~ Clips from the new Benoit Pioulard album ~~~~ The Gorgeous Colours ~~~~ Babybeef ~~~~ Brandt Braeur Frick (You Make Me Real – !K7 – November) ~~~~ Strands (Steve Shannon) – new album out 22 October Continue reading CLT

Derrick Dalton Tribute Night

IT has been two years since Derrick Dalton, of the bands Hey Paulette, Mexican Pets, and latterly Crumb, passed away. A tribute night in memory of Derrick will take place on September 29th in Whelans, Dublin, featuring Thread Pulls, Dinah Brand, Richer Than Astronauts, and Little Beauties. The event not only marks the second anniversary of his premature passing but the posthumous release of two records, an LP by his solo project Aeromodeller and a 7” single by his band Crumb. The new Crumb 7” Like Goodbye is on red vinyl and features songs  that were completed by Dez Foley and Fiachra McCarthy … Continue reading Derrick Dalton Tribute Night

of Montreal do Michael Jackson

It’s not easy to cover a Michael Jackson song without sounding like a bad karaoke band – it’s even harder to do a Michael Jackson medley without sounding like you’re short on ideas and full of beer. But the glitter-shorts-wearing, eyeliner-loving, freak-funk-bassline-adoring of Montreal are just the band to tackle a Michael Jackson medley and turn the occasion into the greatest Halloween party you were never at. Shake your tailfeather! via Stereogum Also, their new album is a grower, folks. A freaking grower. The band went back to ‘real’ instruments this time around and enlisted the help of Janelle Monaé … Continue reading of Montreal do Michael Jackson