Benoit Pioulard – live set download

I’ve probably mentioned it once, twice, thirty-three times already, but one of my absolutefavouritealbumsofalltimeohyes is ‘Precis‘ by Benoit Pioulard. Benoit Pioulard (real name Thomas Meluch) has released two full-length records on the legendary Kranky label, as well as a decent handful of 7″s, eps and a collaboration with Praveen, called ‘Songs Spun Simla’. I can’t emphasise enough how amazing his music is – and how utterly beautiful, heartbreaking and goosepimple-inducing 2006’s ‘Precis’ (his debut on Kranky) sounds. I go through Pioulard phases every few months where I immerse myself in his music for days, and each time I’m left astonished … Continue reading Benoit Pioulard – live set download

Join me on a trip to Popical Island…

Ahoy me hearties! It’s no secret I heart Popical Island something serious. Almost as much as my pet parrot Wilhelmina. And what generous youngfellas and young ladies they are – putting on a free all-day event in Whelan’s in Dublin! Ooh-arh! Here’s what the Islanders say: Popical Island collective are proud to present the  much anticipated compilation album POPICAL ISLAND #1 on Saturday, June 19th, Upstairs@Whelan’s. In fact, we’re so proud, this launch gig will be FREE admission. And to maximize the pop-potential, we’re putting on a FULL DAY of indie shenanigans, starting at 3.00 PM. CDs will be on … Continue reading Join me on a trip to Popical Island…

Sweet Oblivion: The Acorn, Best Coast, Solar Bears, Tim Hecker, Aguayo Matias…

All of these bands/musicians – and more – can be heard on Sweet Oblivion, RTE 2XM, tonight at 5pm GMT. Plus, a ‘secret’ track at the end…who’s it gonna be? Stream live via: I’ll put the Soundcloud link up after the show! Any requests for next week? Comment here! Continue reading Sweet Oblivion: The Acorn, Best Coast, Solar Bears, Tim Hecker, Aguayo Matias…

Solar Bears – Crystaline remix

Solar Bears are a band that I’ve been playing on Sweet Oblivion for months now, and I’m rather excited about the fact they’ve got an EP coming out in August. Hopefully I’ll have an interview with them to share with you soon, but for now, enjoy this Leatherette remix of their track Crystaline, which I played on the show last week: Aces! Listen to some more tracks here. (Thanks to Nay for the heads up on the Soundcloud link) Continue reading Solar Bears – Crystaline remix

Janelle Monáe: ‘Just do great art that’s influential and inspiring’

It’s easy to forget that being a female pop star isn’t all about getting your breasts out, or fitting into a certain restrictive cookie-cutter mould. It’s easy to forget that you don’t have to look like Lady Gaga (a talented woman, that is without doubt, but a pop star whose image – quite literally at times – hangs on her genitals) to be beautiful when you’re a performer. Life is all about variety, but the pop music world is about things being presented in a similar and familiar way. Sure, there are some exceptions – and they are the exception … Continue reading Janelle Monáe: ‘Just do great art that’s influential and inspiring’

Sweet Oblivion on Soundcloud

I’ve finally hopped on the Soundcloud wagon and will be putting up Sweet Oblivion shows for your listening pleasure.  This week’s show featured music by the Dum Dum Girls (AMAZING gig last week in Whelan’s!!), Solar Bears, Squarehead, and Tim Hecker. Any feedback or requests? Just comment below: PS. Due to something funky happening when I downloaded the Squarehead MP3 (with permission of course!) the speed is slightly slower than it should be…so consider this an exclusive, er ‘remix’ of the track. The original can be found here. Continue reading Sweet Oblivion on Soundcloud

New obsession: Zola Jesus

If there’s one feeling I treasure, it’s stumbling across a new artist (new to you, or new in general) and falling head-over-heels in love with them. During the early, heady days of your passionate affair you just want to listen to their sweet voice all day. One play of the album is not enough – you want it multiple times. After a while, things may start to cool down a little, but you’ll always hold a spark for them in your heart. Right now, for me that artist is Zola Jesus. She’s 21-year-old Nika Roza Danilova (21?! I feel like … Continue reading New obsession: Zola Jesus