IMRO ho-ho

Update: Cast of Cheers and MIA Sparrow have pulled out of an IMRO gig at The Academy tonight. There is a Facebook group set up if you support the bands. By now you’ve probably all read about the ongoing IMRO vs Irish music bloggers debacle – if you haven’t, check out Nialler9 and On The Record for the low-down on the showdown. I’ve left my own comments on both of these – hugely comprehensive – blog posts, along with most of the blogging fraternity in Ireland, so I won’t repeat too much of what I’ve said. The latest news though … Continue reading IMRO ho-ho

Leaking Brain Fluid

Well, well, well. What do we have here then? Only the brand-spanking-new single from Windings, which is released today and is totally poptastic in a Posies-meets-Go-Betweens sorta way. I love it. And you will too. For more info and gig news: This Saturday is Record Store Day, and to mark that there will be a limited run of handmade “Brain Fluid” cassettes (35) available for free to shoppers at Dublin’s Road Records and Tower Records on the day. There are 4 different b-sides including “Go” (D Johnston), “The Winner Takes It All” (ABBA), “Golden Slumbers” (The Beatles), “Hard Copy” … Continue reading Leaking Brain Fluid

Addicted to Models

Why get a band to advertise your music festival, when you can get models? After all, nothing says “come to this music festival, where you will enjoy some great Irish bands and spend the weekend in wellies drinking warm beer out of plastic cups” than two mannequin-esque women (straight outta a Robert Palmer video), all dressed up to the nines and pretending to play guitar. Oh, wait. No, that isn’t the best way to advertise your festival, Castlepalooza organisers.  It just looks stupid, and sexist.  After all, sure women can’t play guitar, right? They only pretend to. They have more … Continue reading Addicted to Models

You’re a WINNNNNERRR! (maybe)

Want to win tickets for this gig? DAVID TURPIN +Hunter-Gatherer & Sarsparilla Sunday 18th April Whelan’s, 25 Wexford St, 8pm Simply click here to enter. And if ya don’t win? (I say this as someone who never wins anything…boo!) Tickets are €12 plus booking fee and available from WAV [lo-call 1890 200 078],, Ticketmaster outlets nationwide, City Discs and Road Records. Continue reading You’re a WINNNNNERRR! (maybe)


Fab music mag is holding a special event on Friday 16th April, featuring live sets by the ace Cast of Cheers, Take the Money and Run and Super Extra Bonus Party. It’s RSVP only – and you can do so by clicking here. Did I mention entry is free? Nice. This event is part of the very first national Love:Live Music day, which, as you’d imagine, will involve lots of lovely live music gigs taking place around Ireland. It’s being organised in association with RTE lyric FM. You can search for events happening in your area here, and so … Continue reading RSVP ASAP

A Site for More Eyes

Ooh, lookee here! The rockin Out On a Limb record label has just launched its new website, and it’s a good ‘un. It’s at and right there you can find out all about the label’s bands – like Rest, Ten Past Seven, Hooray for Humans, Windings and Crayonsmith. Next up for the label is the release of the super-duper single by Windings – I can’t put it on the blog but what I can say is if you’re a fan of bands like The Go-Betweens or the Posies you’ll love it. It’s SO different to Windings’ other stuff and … Continue reading A Site for More Eyes