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May 1, 2013

The final Sweet Oblivion on 2XM… and Camden Crawl Dublin gigs

by sweetoblivion26


Tonight will see the last Sweet Oblivion go out on RTÉ 2XM at 11pm. It has been a hard decision to make, but for now I’ve decided to take a break from the show.

Sweet Oblivion has been going out on the digital station for almost four years, and aside from a year or two’s break I’ve been presenting a show under the Sweet Oblivion name for around 10 years, since the days of Cork Campus Radio in UCC… so it’s going to be strange not having a weekly show to make.

2XM is a fantastic resource and I was so lucky to get to play whatever I wanted, with no one telling me what I was playing was too out there, too familiar, too old or too new. It was a lot of freedom, and the station is a great opportunity for anyone who wants to get into the radio game. A huge thanks has to go to Mark McCabe and all at the station for their help and support over the last four years.

I have plans to archive the old shows, in case there are people who still would like to listen to them, so I’ll keep you posted on that.


I’m turning 30 this month, and life has changed a fair bit in the past year – this is just the latest change. And yet, it comes from some quite positive reasons, like a change in job that has in many ways enriched my life in ways I didn’t expect. Along with that comes a new focus and new opportunities, and I think I need the time that the show took up to just do new things and take a breather from churning out a weekly hour of music.

It was a privilege to get to do the show, not a chore, but when I realised I wasn’t giving it 100 per cent, I knew it was time to finish up.

A huge thanks to anyone who has listened to it at any stage over the past few years. I’ll still be doing my monthly podcast with the Ticket in the Irish Times, so Irish bands are very welcome to send their music to me for that.

Camden Crawl

It’s coincidental that the last show comes just days before the Camden Crawl Dublin festival, where there will be two shows under the Sweet Oblivion name. It’s in the Stag’s Head just off Dame St, and the bands that will be playing will be low-key and really lovely.

There’s Peter Delaney, Hidden Highways, Skelocrats, Soil Creep, The Holy Roman Army and Yawning Chasm. There is so much choice at the festival, with loads of big names, so I hope that we get a decent crowd at the Stag’s Head. If you’re at the festival, why not pop in on Saturday or Sunday night for a drink and some great Irish music?

Doors are at 7pm, the first bands go on at 7.30pm. On Saturday, Skelocrats, Yawning Chasm and Hidden Highways play (in that order), and on Sunday, Peter Delaney, the Holy Roman Army and Soil Creep play.

Here’s a taster:

Peter Delaney

Hidden Highways


Holy Roman Army

Soil Creep

Yawning Chasm

Tickets for Camden Crawl Dublin, and all the info on other bands playing, is available here.

Pics by me

January 11, 2013

Low, Arthur Russell, Lord Huron, Benoit Pioulard

by sweetoblivion26


Pic by me, Dublin

There are few things better than going through a phase of listening to the same artist for a week after not listening to them for quite a long time. That immediate feeling when you put on the first track is like a restorative sigh – you can instantly relax into that blissful space where every note, every beat is deliciously familiar.

With that in mind, here’s some Arthur Russell for your ears. Thanks to his intense work ethic and ability to create music spanning a number of genres, you can listen to him if you’re in the mood for disco, if you’re feeling love-lorn, or if you just want to hear someone play cello like their heart depended on it.

(David Byrne plays guitar on that one)

(The video is gas, and the track is so… lusty)

Another band that I turn to for listening binges is Low, who helpfully have a brand new song out. Hurrah! Far from the darker sound of albums like Drums and Guns, this track hints at the band returning to the more upbeat, fuller sound of albums like The Great Destroyer, but still keeping things a bit restrained. What a voice Mimi Parker has, eh?

The Invisible Way is out on 19 March on Sub Pop. Fingers crossed we’ll see a live date here.

Lord Huron are new to me, but released their first LP late last year in the US. If there is a Fleet Foxes or Midlake-shaped hole in your life, Lonesome Dreams will fill it.

On to another of my most-played artists, Benoit Pioulard, and another reason why 2013 is shaping up to be a super one for new music. His fourth long player, called Hymnal, is due out in March also (on the incredible Kranky label), and here’s a little snippet of a track from it:

Hear the keys? Those, alongside the news that Kyle Bobby Dunn worked on strings for the record, has me incredibly excited to hear what the finished product will sound like. Hopefully the album will be available in a special edition, like its predecessor was – trust me, it’s worth it for all the goodies you get.

Here’s a new podcast featuring an interview with Rafel Anton Irisarri and Thomas Meluch (the man behind Pioulard) who together play under the name Orcas. (The link to download the podcast is at the bottom of the post).

Finally, if you have made it all the way down to here, you might be interested in the latest Community of Independents episode. You may also recognise the voice doing the voice-over during the Wolfbait interview…

In other news, my show Sweet Oblivion was supposed to be back this week, but it seems an old show went out instead. So I’ll see you next week for a new show on Wednesday at 11pm.

Finally, the Meteor Choice Prize nominations were announced this week – I’m a judge this year (very exciting) and it was really interesting to see which albums that I voted for made it through. I was sad not to see Katie Kim, Laura Sheeran and the Spook of the Thirteenth Lock in there, but I also don’t think that if albums didn’t make the award they’re not ‘deserving’ of one (that would be fairly nonsensical). If you don’t have any of those three albums, I’d highly recommend them.

September 16, 2012

Sam Jackson, David Turpin, Christian Bookshop

by sweetoblivion26

A pic I took of Sarah Grimes of September Girls before a Community of Independents interview 

There are two new (and radically different) albums out now that I’d love to draw your attention to.

One of the bands, Christian Bookshop, have featured on the blog before. A duo of Jimmy Monaghan and Aisling Walsh, they’re based in the West and have just released their self-titled debut album.

Like many good things, it’s available on Bandcamp:

Rather charmingly, these timeless folk songs were recorded “over two weeks in a pantry in Belmullet, Co Mayo“. The domestic setting seems to have imbued them with a comfortable feel, like they’ve already been embraced hundreds of times.

Plus, there’s something very familiar about these tracks; like I’ve heard them before, but in the best way. The sometimes salty language gives a bit of a jolt now and then, while the songs are at times appealingly rough-around-the-edges. Keep an eye out for any gigs they may have planned in the future.


Sam Jackson, meanwhile, is an accomplished composer and pianist who has just released his debut album, a beautiful and energetic collection of piano-based songs that could fall under the genres of modern classical, ambient and, jazz.

Maybe it’s because I’ve spent the last few weeks listening to the re-released Keith Jarrett album Sleeper, but I can definitely hear sprinkles of him here, particularly in the jazzy album opener. When Jackson channels that sort of spirit, his music is at its best for me, though the teasing ‘An End of Sorts’, with its plaintive strings and repetitive keys, is another high point.

The occasional addition of found sounds – like a sputtering motorcycle – help to give the record a very fresh feel, and the whole album is altogether a joy to listen to. It must be some feat, releasing your debut album proper when you have a long musical career already behind you (Jackson works with Garry Hynes and Moya Brennan), but this is certainly a release that bodes well for Jackson’s future solo work.

Here are some of his upcoming live dates:

Monday 1st October 8pm
National Concert Hall, Dublin 2
Tickets: 15 euro (12 euro concessions)
Tel: +353 (0)1 417 0000

Friday 5th October 8.30 pm
The Model, The Mall, Sligo
Tickets: 10 euro, 8 euro concessions
Tel: +353 (0)71 914 1405

Wednesday 10th October 8.30pm
Druid Lane Theatre, Galway
Tickets: 10 euro on the door, 8 euro concessions.


The ABSOLUT Fringe Festival is on in Dublin at the moment, and one intriguing show that’s coming up this week is David Turpin‘s We Belong Dead.

The man himself got in touch with me last week about it, and when I heard this track included in the mail, my interest was piqued:

Turpin’s music is very theatrical, and also quite intense and dramatic, so it makes sense that this project, We Belong Dead, would be “an experimental song cycle imagining the end of man and the return of the animal kingdom”. How’s that for an event description, eh? And I haven’t even gotten on to the fact it is a “combined concert, installation and occult ritual”

He’ll be joined by (Sweet Oblivion fave) Hunter-Gatherer and Cathy Davey on the night, and if you’d like to see the trio at work, this one-off event may be your only chance. The show takes place on Wednesday night at 9.30pm. Tickets are available here:


Last, but by no means least: The Cork-based Noise blog is hosting its first Weekender this month. It’s a brilliant line-up:

Fri Sept 28
Dead Skeletons with The Altered Hours
Doors 9.30pm

Nanu Nanu
Gulpd Café

Sat Sept 29
Mumblin’ Deaf Ro, with Marc O’Reilly & Phantom Dog from the Moon
Plugd Records
Doors 8.00pm

No Spill Blood, with Trumpets of Jericho & Nagasaki Suntans
Doors 9.30pm

Magic Pockets
Gulpd Café

Sun Sept 30
Cormac O’Caoimh, with Rory Francis O’Brien & Wasps vs Humans
Plugd Records
Doors 7.30pm

Windings, with Lamp, The Great Balloon Race & Für Immer
Doors 9.00pm

Gulpd Café

Weekend tickets are €24 and include all shows, plus two free pints of Murphy’s. You can buy tickets from Plugd Records.

It’s really exciting to see a mini-festival taking place in Cork, especially one that brings together both Cork-based acts and acts from outside of the city. Fair play to the Noise blog and Plugd/The Triskel for getting it altogether – it’s great to see ambitious events like this being organised around the country.

June 19, 2012

Onra, Yawning Chasm, Costello, Adventures of a Music Nerd

by sweetoblivion26

Some bits and bobs taking place over the next few weeks…

I interviewed the MC/rapper Costello yesterday for DCTV – the interview will feature on the community tv programme Community of Independents this Thursday on DCTV (and Not being the world’s greatest expert on Irish hip hop, I approached the interview with a bit of nerves, but it turned out really well as Costello was well able to chat and was really open about the different subjects we talked about.

It was great education for me in what the Irish hip hop scene is up to, and I’ll be paying far more attention to it now (when you don’t know a lot about something, sometimes the inclination is to avoid it so you don’t make any ‘mistakes’… but when you get stuck into it, there can be great rewards!).

If you want to catch more Irish hip hop, head to Filmbase in Temple Bar, Dublin, on Thursday from 6pm for a Workin Class Records/FMC event featuring Costello, GI and Willa Lee. It’s part of the Love Live Music festival taking place that day.

The above (slightly washed out, apologies!) Impossible (Polaroid) pic was taken while he relaxed with some, ahem, herbal refreshment afterwards. There’ll be more pics on the COI Facebook page once I get them developed.

Onra will play at the Pavilion in Cork this Friday, with support from Cork’s own Colm Kenefick.  Onra recently released part two of his Chinoiseries series, which fuses Vietnamese pop from his homeland with his own beats. This should be a great show indeed – I’ve been to so many amazing gigs at the Pav, and when the dancefloor is sweaty and rammed, there’s no where else I’d rather be.

More details on the gig (tickets €8/€10) here.

Here’s a great Onra track (not from the Chinoiseries series):

Footy and music fans take note: Ronan Leonard will be bringing his show, Adventures of a Music Nerd: 1 Guy, 2 World Cups, to the Crane Lane Theatre from 22 June – 30 June for the Cork Midsummer Festival.

This comedic show will be “A loving ramble through the many World Cup songs that came out for Italia ‘90 (the one Ireland won… as our hero remembers it) and USA ‘94 (the one we didn’t).” Given Ronan’s passion for music, I’d wager you don’t just have to be a soccer fan to enjoy this. More details here and on Facebook and here’s an interview with him about it.

Finally, Yawning Chasm will launch their EP in Galway on Thursday 28 June at the Cellar Bar, thanks to Citóg. It’s no secret they are one of my favourite Irish bands (I play them on the show a lot) and are incredible live. This is worth travelling for, if you’re not in Galway. Supporting them will be the super Brigid Power Ryce and Raising Holy Sparks.

Here’s the Facebook event page.

Here is the official video for Whispered Sun (those ‘ooohs’ get me every time) directed by the talented Jimmy Monaghan. If I said the photos he and Declan and Aaron (the duo who are Yawning Chasm) take don’t inspire me, I’d be telling a very big lie.

And here’s a wee clip of Yawning Chasm that I took on my phone when they played in Designist.

June 15, 2012

Latest RTÉ 2XM & Community of Independents shows, and new music

by sweetoblivion26

Hey folks, hope you’re all enjoying this wonderfully grey June-uary! I’m back on Sweet Oblivion on 2XM after a few weeks’ break (which included a trip to Primavera), so here’s a link to the latest show.

~Just click here to listen to new stuff from The Walkmen, Fred, Bonnie Prince Billy & Moon Ate the Dark~

Here’s the full setlist:

Fred Villains 

Eleventy Four – Snapshot (released on 10 August 2012)

Fiona Apple – Paper Bag – When the Pawn…

The Walkmen – Heartbreaker – Heaven

Father John Misty – O I Long to Feel Your Arms Around Me – Fear Fun

Bonnie Prince Billy – Because Of Your Eyes (Band Version) – Hummingbird EP

Arborea – Careless Love – Red Planet

Slow Place Like Home – Selkie – There go the Lights Again

Laurel Halo – Two Years – Quarantine

Faws – Hummingbird – Blue Notes ep

Horsemen Pass By – The Lies of Christian Shaw- Giallo

Moon Ate the Dark – Explosions in a Four Chambered Heart – Moon Ate the Dark


You’re probably wondering who those cheery fellas are up at the top of the post. Well, despite always fearing doing any sort of TV work at all, I was asked to help out on the volunteer-run Community of Independents series which is broadcast by DCTV.

I’ve already done two panel interview shows with DCTV, so I was delighted to hear that I wasn’t as disastrous on air as I’d imagined, and the folks in charge wanted me to do band interviews for the second Community of Independents series, which is presented by Danny Carroll (and edited, produced and put together by a lot of other lovely folk who are DCTV staff or volunteers). Interview bands? You don’t have to ask me twice! It has been a (fun) learning experience, and great getting to know a bunch of new people too (some of whom are featured in these pics I took while we were filming the Crayonsmith interview).

I recently did a voice training workshop for radio (thanks to AIRPI), which was absolutely invaluable and showed me how to s l o w  d ow n while speaking on air… watching the recent DCTV vids, it’s obvious I need to employ the new technique there too. Having been shown the difference in my voice when I am nervous or scatty, and calm and composed (or at least trying to be!) I know that it’s something I need to keep an eye on.

Here’s the first show:

And here’s the second show:

While I have you, here is the A Joyful Slog documentary made by some members of the team – their experience in both documentary-making and music-making is certainly evident throughout the one-hour show. Watching this got me thinking about how the shape of the music ‘scene’ in Ireland will evolve over the next few years. Who will be the big players? Who will last, who will shut up shop?

We’ve just recently seen the closing down of the great Richter Collective label after four years, and though their influence on Irish music will be seen for years to come, it is sad that they have decided to finish up. Other DIY outfits, like Popical Island are, thankfully, still going – Popical are launching their final compilation soon – but how will they evolve and change? Time, obviously, will tell, and I look forward – though with a tiny bit of trepidation – to what happens next, and meeting the future movers and shakers. It’s an uncertain time in many ways, but people keep on trucking, unpaid, and sometimes ignored, because they want to. That’s the music biz for you.

Pics by me

March 27, 2012

Community of Independents & Hard Working Class Heroes Festival

by sweetoblivion26

If you’re someone with an interest in the Irish music scene as a whole, a great festival to give you an insight into what’s going on here is Hard Working Class Heroes. Yes, it doesn’t cover every single band in the country but it’s a good snapshot of what’s happening nationwide. One interesting aspect to the festival is its panel discussions, where people working in the music industry in a number of different countries gather to give their opinion on subjects such as technology, downloading, labels, and more.

Jim Carroll of the Irish Times was the man asking the questions during the sessions. Late last year, DCTV, a Dublin-based community TV station, asked me would I be interested in hosting two discussion shows on the panel sessions for their Community of Independents series. Despite having no TV experience at all and a mortal fear of seeing myself on the screen, I said yes – sure why not do one thing every day that scares you, eh?

The shows feature Andrew Bushe from Estel and Keith Johnson from IMRO chatting to yours truly – they both come from very different places on the musical spectrum. Andrew had an interesting viewpoint as an independent musician active in the Dublin scene for years, while Keith represented the industry side of things.

Here are the videos, part one… and part two.

DCTV has also produced some fantastic band profiles, interviews and a weekly music show, all of which can be viewed on its jam-packed Vimeo page

March 19, 2012

Sweet Oblivion has moved to Wednesdays at 11pm

by sweetoblivion26

Hey folks! Just a little update – 2XM has undergone some (really positive) changes, which has led to the station schedule being shuffled about a bit.

As a result, Sweet Oblivion is no longer on Thursdays at 5pm. Instead, it is on Wednesdays at 11pm. At first I was a little worried about it being so late, but I’ve starting feeling like it’s actually quite a positive thing. My show isn’t really ‘daytime radio’ in style, and I have moved on a lot musically since my early days (the show began in 2002 or so on Cork Campus Radio).

Having a late show means I can play darker, weirder and more downbeat tracks than usual, and I’ve started thinking of the show as having two parts… sort of like a Side A and Side B, with the first more upbeat than the second. I want to give night owls something soothing to listen to as it approaches the witching hour, which is a nice goal to have.

Also, the show is now on after John Kelly’s show, which I am chuffed about as he is an incredible and inspiring broadcaster and writer. Hopefully some of the magic of his show will rub off  on mine, ha!

Lastly, Sweet Oblivion was on Wednesdays on Campus Radio and Flirt FM, so that’s the day I always associate with the show.

As for the changes at 2XM – now the great Dan Hegarty broadcasts a live show from Mondays to Thursdays on 2XM at 11am, which is then re-broadcast on 2FM at 11pm. How cool is that? It provides a tangible link between the two stations and also means there is more Dan on the radio, and he’s a great champion of Irish music. He seems delighted about the change and I really hope it goes well for him. Here’s to a bright year for 2XM!

Thanks as always to everyone who listens in – you’re who I make the show for. Don’t forget that the show is available for a few weeks after broadcast on the RTE Player. I always Tweet and Facebook this link so follow me on either of those sites to go straight to the player, or go to the website and search for it there.

Click here to listen to last week’s show.

Artist – Track – Album

Parks – Topaz – Umber

Grimes – Circumambient – visions

Solar Bears – Alpha People

Mansions On The Moon – Light Years

Sharon Van Etten – Ask – Tramp

Brigid Power Ryce – The Waves Were Wild (live)

Yawning Chasm – Moon Silver Ocean

Mirroring – Fell Sound

Julia Holter & Linda Perhacs – Delicious Descent

Moondog – Moondog’s Theme

Katie Kim – Dimmer – cover and flood

Windy and Carl – Sirens – Depths

Arvo part – Spiegel im Spiegel

Finally… it was the two year anniversary of Alex Chilton’s passing on St Patrick’s Day. This one is for all you Big Star fans out there…

There’s people around who tell you that they know 
And places where they send you, and it’s easy to go 
They’ll zip you up and dress you down and stand you in a row 
But you know you don’t have to, you can just say “no”

March 18, 2012

Real church music: Áine O’Dwyer

by sweetoblivion26

I’m not really a religious person, but I’m no atheist either. Maybe you’d call me spiritual – or just plain indecisive – but whatever it is, I believe there’s something other than ourselves out there. With that in mind, when I listen to a piece of music that makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up and a shiver run down my spine, I feel a jolt of something that can’t be described in words.

Some people believe that spaces are marked with the invisible fingerprints of those who once passed through them, and that music made or played in spiritual or religious buildings takes on a certain mood because of this.  So when someone takes an instrument long associated with religion, and places (plays) it in its usual context, there is often a special feel to their work. Or perhaps that is a sort of musical placebo effect…

The organ Áine O'Dwyer played on while recording Music for Church Cleaners . Pic from

Whether you are a believer (in anything) or not,  Music for Church Cleaners by London-based musician Áine O’Dwyer is an experience anyone can be open to. This album, which is released on the relatively new – and already hugely impressive – Fort Evil Fruit label, is available on tape. The resulting (and always welcome) tape hiss only adds another dimension to the improvised songs that Áine (a member of United Bible Studies) crafts on a pipeorgan, as do the clatters, hoovers and other sounds you hear throughout the live recordings.

Each time I listen to the tape, I naturally picture a person in muted clothes, with Henry hoover in hand, methodically cleaning their way around the church while Áine plays just feet away.  They are simultaneously aware of and ignoring each other, each going about their own work uninterrupted. If I close my eyes, I could be sitting in a pew myself, head bowed and – for the first time ever – not wishing this experience to be over soon.

You can find out more about Fort Evil Fruit‘s releases on its blog.

Purchasing info 

Releases currently available from:
Into the Void Records (Dublin)
Loki Records (Dublin)
Plugd (Cork)
Boa Melody Bar (UK)
Elastic Witch (Dublin)

Mail order: Paypal to

€5 per cassette
Rep. of Ireland / N. Ireland: add €1.50 p&p for one & €1 for each extra
Rest of world: add €2.50 p&p for one & €1 for each extra

Each tape comes with a download code (tucked inside the inlay so well that I didn’t even notice it first time around) and, in Áine’s case, a photo of the organ she played on in St Mark’s Church, Islington, in 2011 (above).

February 17, 2012

Sweet Oblivion 16 Feb 2012

by sweetoblivion26

This week’s Sweet Oblivion is up for your listening pleasure right now – just click here.

Here’s what to expect on the show…


Kings of Convenience – I Don’t Know What I Can Save You From – Quiet is the New Loud

Perfume Genius –  DIRGE – Put Your Back in 2 It

Low – Like a Forest – Things We Lost in the Fire

Windings- The Space I Ooccupy

“The Space I Occupy/ The Hassle” is the new double A-sided 7” Single fromwindings, released this February 2010 on Out On A Limb Records. Both tracks on the single are available to stream at The 7”, complete with download code, will be available in independent record stores and online. This month, windings will launch a Fundit campaign to raise funds for the recording of their new album, to be recorded by Efrim Menuck (Godspeed You! Black Emperor) in Hotel2Tango Studios, Montreal.

Songs of Green Pheasant – Teenwolf – Soft Wounds

Katie Kim – Your Mountains My Mountains – Cover and Flood

Plugd/We Are Noise listening party for Cover & Flood on 1 March 

Laura Sheeran – Oh, How The World Changed – Murderous Love

Twin Terrace – To Belong

mynameisjOhn – Sweaty Dreams of Bate Kush- ‘The Thinker & The Prover’ EP –

Kim V Porcelli – I Want Your Love

Shlomo – wen uuu (Teebs Remix)

Anenon – Acquiescence

Chromatics – Into the Black

Lindstrom – Déjà Vu

February 11, 2012

Latest Sweet Oblivion shows plus playlists…

by sweetoblivion26

Hey folks, here’s a little update on the most recent Sweet Oblivion shows.

You can listen to them all on the RTÉ Radio Player, which is a really handy addition to the site.

Here’s the link to the most recent show – if you click through to this, you will then be given the option to listen to even more Sweet Oblivion shows. Just click on ‘Listen Back Further’.

As always, thanks to everyone who listens in, I couldn’t do the show without you.

Here are the playlists for the most recent shows:

[Artist – Track – Album]

9 February 2012 (click)

Jens Lekman – 17 Maple Leaves [7′ Version]

Cloud Nothings – Fall In – Attack on Memory

Wild Nothing – Nowhere

Sharon Van Etten – Serpents  – Tramp

PJ Harvey  – This Mess We’re In – Stories from the city, stories from the sea

Ghost Estates – October

mynameisjOhn –  The Cumulative Recorder – The Thinker & The Prover EP

Twin Terrace –  You Keep Coming Back – Twin Terrace

Kim V Porcelli – I Want Your Love – Chic

Mark Lanegan – Harborview Hospital – Funeral Blues

Sufjan Stevens – Casimir Pulaski Day – Come on Feel the Illinoise

Benoit Pioulard – Ailleurs – Lyon

Olafur Arnalds – Film Credits – Living Room Songs

Deadball Specialists – Trapatoni’s Men – Wingnut Fundraiser EP

2 February 2012 (click)

Kayfabe – Bicycle Day In The Cosmos

Peaking Lights –  All the Sun That Shines – 936

Logikparty – Anti Omerta

ESG – Erase You

Fela Kuti – Everything Scatter (Toby’s Indigo Edit)

Arthur Russell – See Through Love

Blonde Redhead – Melody – Misery is a Butterfly

Bill Ryder-Jones  – Leaning From The Steep Slope – If

Sharon Van Etten – Serpents  – Tramp

Wild Nothing – Nowhere

07-Perfume Genius – Dark Parts – Put Your Back N 2 It

Perfume Genius – Put Your Back N 2 It – Put Your Back N 2 It

Songs of Green Pheasant – Deaf Sarah – Soft Wounds

26 January 2012 (click)

Perfume Genius – All Waters –  Put Your Back N 2 it

Kayfabe – Bicycle in the Cosmos

Nicolas Jaar – And I Say (ft. Scou Larue and Will Epstein)

Come on Live Long – White Horses  (REID Remix)

Simon Bird – Nightcall (Kavinsky Cover) – Quompilation #2 

Slow Place Like Home – Carte Blanche – Coastal Hubs for Chivalry

Bantum – Elephants and Time – Come on Live Long Remix

Mark Lanegan-  Ode to Sad Disco – Funeral Blues

Lower Dens – Brains

Perfume Genius – Hood – Put Your Back N 2 it

Perfume Genius – Normal Song – Put Your Back N 2 it

Elliott Smith – Rose Parade – Either Or

Orcas – Carrion

19 January 2012 (click)

Yawning Chasm – Stars are Going Out

Peter Delaney – If You Become Impossible – Duck Egg Blue

Marisa Nadler –  Box of Cedar – Ballads of living and dying

Sharon Van Etten – Love More – Serpents

The Unthanks – Nobody Knew She Was There – Here’s the Tender Coming

Orcas – Carrion

Band of Clouds – No Maps No Compass – Outside Broadcast

A Winged Victory for the Sullen – We Played Some Open Chords and Rejoiced, for the Earth Had Circled the Sun Yet Another Year

The Caretaker – Tiny Gradiations Of Loss (excerpt)

Brigid Power Ryce – Wild Grin

Gillian Welch – Everything is Free –  Time (The Revelator)

Mary Margaret O’Hara – Body’s in Trouble – Miss America

12 January 2012

Songs of Green Pheasant – Teen Wolf – Soft Wounds

Songs of Green Pheasant – For People – Soft Wounds

Seamus O Muineachain – Down I Go – Between Islands

Band of Clouds – So Long Bitter Root Hill – Outside Broadcast


The Lives of Millionaires – Chrysalis

The Star Department – Antlers

Logik Party – Anti Omerta

Slow Place Like Home – More Chlorine in the Gene Pool – Coastal Hubs for Chivalry EP

Toby Kaar – Fela Kuti – Everything Scatter (Toby’s Indigo Edit)

Faws – Camille – Antonym

5 January 2012

Mitten – Similar Sense- See You Bye

Toro y Moi – New Beat – Underneath the Pine

M83 –  Midnight City – Hurry Up We’re Dreaming

Kuedo – Ant City – Kuedo

THEESatisfaction –  Do You Have Time – Transitions

Hauschka – TwoAM – Salon Des Amateurs

A Winged Victory for the Sullen – Steep Hills of Vicodin Tears – s/t

Olafur Arnalds – Fyrsta – Living Room Songs

Dirty Beaches –  True Blue – Badlands

Widowspeak – In the Pines – Widowspeak

Arborea – Phantasmagoria in Two

Low – Especially Me – C’mon

Meg Baird – Share – Seasons On Earth

Gillian Welch – Tennessee – The Harrow and the Harvest


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